SCVAL Belief Statement for the Student/Athlete

Athletic participation is in place to enrich the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all student/athletes by providing competitive opportunities through which the lifelong values of sportsmanship, individual effort, teamwork, dedication, integrity, and total commitment are emphasized.

  • Spring Champions »Badminton (coed) --> (DA) Monta Vista/Cupertino, (EC) Wilcox
  • Spring Chamipons »Baseball --> (DA) Palo Alto, (EC) Cupertino
  • Spring Champions »Golf (boys) --> (DA) Palo Alto, (EC)Monta Vista
  • Spring Champions »Volleyball (boys) --> (DA) Monta Vista/Homestead, (EC) Lynbrook
  • Spring Champions »Tennis (boys) --> (DA) Monta Vista, (EC) Cupertino
  • Spring Champions »Gymnastics --> (DA) Homestead/Cupertino
  • Spring Champions »Lacrosse --> (boys) Palo Alto, (girls) Gunn
  • Spring Champions »Softball --> (DA) Mtn. View, (EC) Saratoga/Milpitas
  • Spring Champions »Swimming (boys) --> (DA) Palo Alto, (EC) Mtn. View
  • Spring Champions »Swimming (girls) --> ,(DA) Gunn (EC) Lynbrook
  • Spring Champions »Track (boys) --> (DA) Los Altos/Palo Alto, (EC) Mtn. View/Cupertino
  • Spring Champions »Track (girls) --> ,(DA) Los Altos (EC) Mtn. View

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