SCVAL Belief Statement for the Student/Athlete

Athletic participation is in place to enrich the mental, physical and emotional well-being of all student/athletes by providing competitive opportunities through which the lifelong values of sportsmanship, individual effort, teamwork, dedication, integrity, and total commitment are emphasized.

2022-2023 Spring Sports Schedules and Bylaws

Sport Schedule Posted Bylaws Approved Scores
Badminton Schedule: Badminton (De Anza) 6/9/22 Bylaws: Badminton 2/1/23
  Schedule: Badminton (El Camino) 6/9/22      
Baseball Schedule: Baseball (De Anza) 6/5/22 Bylaws: Baseball 5/26/22
  Schedule: Baseball (El Camino) 6/5/22      
Golf (boys) Schedule: Boys Golf (De Anza) 6/05/22 Bylaws: Boys Golf 5/23/19
  Schedule: Boys Golf (El Camino) 6/5/22      
Gymnastics Gymnastics: CCS-SCVAL meet schedule   Bylaws: Gymnastics 6/10/22  
Lacrosse Boys Lacrosse is no longer part of the SCVAL.
  Schedule: Girls Lacrosse (De Anza) 1/20/23 Bylaws: Lacrosse    
  Schedule: El Camino (N/A)        
Softball Schedule: Softball (De Anza) 6/8/22 Bylaws: Softball 5/26/22
  Schedule: Softball (El Camino) 6/8/22      
Swim & Diving Schedule: Boys/Girls Swimming & Diving (De Anza) 1/12/23Bylaws: Swimming & Diving 5/26/22  
  Schedule: Boys/Girls Swimming & Diving (El Camino) 1/12/23      
Boys Tennis Schedule: Boys Tennis (De Anza) 1/10/23 Bylaws: Boys Tennis 5/26/22  
  Schedule: Boys Tennis (El Camino) 1/10/23      
Track & Field Schedule: Track & Field (De Anza) 12/12/22 Bylaws: Track & Field 5/26/22  
  Schedule: Track & Field (El Camino) 12/12/22      
Volleyball (boys) Schedule: Boys Volleyball (De Anza) 6/6/22Bylaws: Boys Volleyball 5/26/22  
  Schedule: Boys Volleyball (El Camino) 6/5/22      
  Schedule: Boys Volleyball (Foothill) 12/28/22